Opt out of the Yellow Pages

Want to opt out of the Yellow Pages? Courtesy of @cleanbinproject today I learned that you can opt out of the Yellow Pages. Here’s the link she gave her twitter following http://delivery.ypg.com/delivery/

Not only does the Yellow Pages use a whole heck of a lot of paper to be created, it’s basically unnecessary. Umm Google? It’s a wonderful thing. Want a Pizza? Go to google maps, type in “Pizza near ‘my address'” and presto, there’s your answer.

Also, the Yellow Pages and Canpages, are expensive to advertise in. If you want an ad that makes an impact, you need to spend around $1000 each and every month (even the slow ones!!) otherwise you’ll blend in with all the other ads in your category. Now, what’s the point of that?

Thirdly, they weigh a lot (I don’t have one handy to weigh but I did ask the greater twitter community via @startrecycling. If I were to guess, I’d say around 2 KG.) And what do we burn all that fuel for in our vehicles? To move the 150lb driver? No! That fuel is burnt to move the 1500 KG steel cage that surrounds the 75KG driver. (If you just want to move a body, a 50cc scooter engine will work handily at 60kmph)

So, not only does printing all those Yellow Pages impact the environment (I wasn’t able to find the number that are delivered in Vancouver but I expect it to be 100’s of thousands in the Metro Vancouver area) just in terms of ink, paper, etc. But think of the fuel burnt necessary to move them to their delivery locations and then pick them up when they’ve sat unread for a year holding doors open etc. Then they go across sorting lines, sorted by people that drove to work, in heated buildings and they have to be kept out of the cardboard and then shipped to a mill to be turned into pulp and so on. That’s a heck of a footprint vs. Googling “Pizza”, or “Fresh Start Recycling”.

Fresh Start will NEVER pay to advertise in the paper version of the Yellow Pages. It’s not right. It’s bad for the environment and we shouldn’t accept this from our citizens.

Check out Miss 604’s article on this from last year: http://www.miss604.com/2009/10/yellow-pages-custom-delivery.html I also borrowed her picture below.



  1. Thanks for helping us promote our opt-out. If you’re looking for more info on the environmental impacts of Yellow Pages directories, check out ypg.com/environment

    Jean-Philippe Boutin
    Yellow Pages Group
    Environmental Manager

  2. No Problem Jean-Philippe, my pleasure.

  3. It is really the need of world now.

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