How much can YOU save by changing your commute?

Today I used a combination of Google Maps and this Fuel Calculator website to see how much it cost me to drive to work. I drive a small, 4L  Ford Ranger, the same Ranger I use to haul your recycling in, and the smallest pick-up capable of doing the job.  It costs somewhere between 0.18 cents/km when I don’t have the trailer attached for work, and 22 cents when I do.

There are 2 main routes to work that I take, one on the highway, and one on Marine Drive from North Vancouver to my office downtown. Sometimes I take the highway because it SEEMS faster to me, but that route, according to Google Maps adds 1.8 km to my drive and will take 1 minute longer each direction.  According to the data, just by taking the shorter, and APPARENTLY FASTER route, I would save….

1.8km * 2 = 3.6km * .18cents/km = 65 cents per day or $14.03 per month and 43.3 minutes (per month)

Try it out for yourself. I thought it was pretty interesting.

Stay tuned to see how that compares to the bus…



  1. Its Google Maps that help locate an alternate route and by that count itself aiding in reducing our fuel bills.

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