1000lb (454 K.G.) Car Design Challenge

When I bought my scooter, I couldn’t believe how fun it was. There were many things I took note of. How ineffective the cell phone ban was, was definitely high on the list. But that’s not all that I started to pay attention to. Most notably was what all that engine under the hood of my truck was for. It was to move the steel cage I was in. I was a barely insignificant part of the equation! 2L engine, 4L engine does it matter? To move me around, it seemed that 0.050L was all it would take!

This year at the LA Auto the design goal was to create a vehicle that didn’t exceed 1000lbs or 454 kilograms. Here’s a link to the LA Auto Show’s website: http://www.laautoshow.com/DC10/ and because their photographs weren’t very good, I’ve included a link to Greenmuze’s article on the same topic http://www.greenmuze.com/climate/cars/3149-the-1000lb-car-design-challenge-.html. It’s much easier to see what the cars look like on that site.


By the looks of things, a strong argument favouring simplicity over science could be to cut the weights of vehicles rather than design fancy new fuels. Moving me (in the city at up to 60km/h) only takes 50cc worth of engine after all. It’s certainly worth debating. Scooters stand a decent chance of DRAMATICALLY cutting your fuel bill, and at the same time reducing traffic.

via Greenmuze


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