Aging Gracefully and Knowledgeably

We, at Fresh Start do a lot of work for families when a loved one has a stroke and moves into long-term care, passes on, or in general, moves into a retirement community.

Today I was listening to Spark, a CBC Radio podcast, and Joe Coughlin of Agelab is asked the question “How old is someone before you consider them to be old?” His answer is really, very interesting.

It deals with all sorts of things you wouldn’t consider including technology, design (whose idea was it ANY WAY to cut those tennis balls in half for walkers??)  and the family dynamic.

I really recommend a listen.

It discusses, about mid interview, the process of taking care of yourself, or your parents when you die. I thought he had some great ideas about dealing with all sorts of issues around that when you’re younger, you can negotiate price and you’re in control of how YOUR finances are handled.

Most of the people reading this blog have probably got YEARS until they’re confronted with their own mortality, but I found it very interesting.


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