Metro Vancouver business updates

In my invoice today from Metro Vancouver they included a newsletter with what’s on schedule for the near future. Here it is in summary. Now you know what I know…

Regional Rate Increase

A report on the 2011 tipping fees will be going to Metro Vancouver Board for approval in October 2010. Effective January 2010 the proposed new tipping fee for waste will be $97/tonne and greewaste and clean woodwaste would go up to $63/tonne. Presently garbage is $82/tonne and Green is $59/tonne.

That’s a 16% price increase for garbage and a 6% price increase for the green waste.

Here’s the link to the transfer stations administered by Wastech:

Gypsum will remain a prohibited material with zero tolerance. It must be kept separate from the garbage and tipped on its own at $150/tonne with a 1/2 tonne limit.

Mattresses are becoming a banned material and must be dumped separately from your garbage. Mattresses and box springs are each considered to be 1 unit. You may not dump more than 4 units at a time or you’ll be directed to the VLF (Vancouver Landfill in Delta) where you’ll also have to pay the “deep burial charge”.  $20/unit is going to be the new price for mattresses at the local transfer stations.

It says in the letter that Metro Vancouver encourages “all customers to consider bringing mattresses directly to a mattress recycler”. To my knowledge, specific mattress recyclers are few and far between. Why? Money. Steel isn’t worth very much and when you add up the resources contained within a mattress and you subtract the labour to break a mattress into its components, you just don’t make any money. Same reason hide-a-beds are all garbage. They just aren’t worth anything recycled.

The one mattress recycler I am aware of is you’re welcome to try them out. Please let me know how it turns out.


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