Wedding Presents: time to put a stop to that!

Overall, I think it’s time to rethink wedding presents. Do you know how many wedding presents Fresh Start has cleaned out for disposal or donation? Neither do I, but if it’s enough to write a blog post about, it’s significant.

I’m all for wedding presents if you’re getting married at 18, or if you’ve just completed your degree, your strapped, totally broke, debt laden, your sofa is made of duct tape and milk crates, and your only table used to a spool for cable down at BC Hydro, but people are getting married older and older these days and they just don’t need “stuff”. 30 seems like the new 21 when it comes to starting a family here in the west, and at least here in Vancouver.

I’m 31 and unmarried. I kind of like the idea of marriage, and plan on getting married one day if and when the right girl comes along. When that happens, I think I’d like a couple of bucks to help out a little with a plane ticket somewhere, but other than that, I think the Food Bank, or some other charity could stand to gain a lot more than team Goodall.

I’d love to hear from you guys about what you did to forgo presents. Any suggestions to avoid rampant gift giving (and later on gift giving away)?


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