2nd Hand Store

The second hand store seems to be going well, but I now have greater appreciation for the employees of the Salvation Army, or any of the other charities we deal with, when they explain how hard it is to sell an item. It’s incredibly time-consuming, and because there are SO many people donating, and so few buyers it makes for a glut of second hand furniture in the marketplace.

Think about it… How many people want to recycle their old stove, VERSUS how many people buy a 2nd hand stove when they remodel their kitchen. Basically, this stuff moves in 1 direction, and 1 direction only.

Still, we’re seeing a modicum of success and month one hasn’t been entirely discouraging. Go to http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/ and search the phone number 778-773-2297 to see what we have. There’s a couple of vintage typewriters, some nice wooden coffee and end tables, a floral couch, and various odds and ends.


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