Big Brothers = Big Talent!

I volunteer with Big Brother’s 1 day a week for an hour and go to my “little brother’s” school to hang out. We play Lego, soccer and whatever else he wants to do. Usually we just talk about random stuff and tease each other about things. All in all, fairly rewarding and it should get me out of a couple of weeks of purgatory when my time comes.

Sometime’s it doesn’t work though. Sometimes I come and there’s a Pro D day, or school gets out early or he was sick or whatever, and I went there just to go back to work again. Not very often at all does that happen, but it happens.

Today I got there and thought that there was a Pro D day. The school was silent. Elementary schools aren’t known for their museum like qualities.

But, I was very pleasantly surprised when I found out it was the kid’s talent show. It was AWESOME!

When I sat down it had already started so my first treat was 3 girls skipping rope. They were pretty cute. They’d obviously practiced but they had 200 people or so watching them and they were in grade 4 so they were naturally a little nervous.  There was one little boy who couldn’t have been older than grade 2 who’d composed his own piece on violin; that was pretty special. One girl played “Girl” by the Beatles. Two other different girls sung “Thank-you” by Dido which I personally thought had rather grown up lyrics for an elementary school kid and same with Apologize by Timbaland sung by another little girl.

I wonder if kids understand the lyrics. I can’t remember if I did back then but I’m certain I listened to similar music and thought I was all grown up. It sure sounds odd to hear little kids singing about this stuff regardless of the degree of comprehension.

There was one super cute little girl who did a hoola hoop which I really liked. She sang a song I’ll call, “Clap your hands, Stomp your feet” which I couldn’t keep a straight face for. I tried to find it on YouTube, but all I found was a VERY surprising dance (and impressively offensive by today’s standards),  by John Lennon of Beatles fame.

And then Unwritten done quite brilliantly a capella. It was performed a LOT better than I could have EVER done.

I would have loved to have taken pictures or posted a video, but I don’t think it’s my place to take pictures of the kids at their talent show. I’m not sure if it’s officially against privacy laws or not, but it was against my own personal ones.  I was just a guest after all. But if you have kids; I’m jealous. That was a tonne of fun!


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