“Eco Shape Bottle” TM

What? Eco Shape Bottle? For real? Forgive my frankness, but WTF?

What the hell is an “eco shape” or an “eco shape bottle”?

This is egregious!

Green Washing...? IF it quacks like a duck....

I looked it up, apparently it’s 30% less plastic. Still. I don’t like it. What a RIDICULOUS idea/name!



  1. it is a bit of a tenuous attempt at validating the product as being environmentally friendly. What next? eco shaped bottle caps!

  2. your right, i hav no ieda on how that is ‘more eco’

  3. Julia said

    Well, at least the company is (somewhat) going in the right direction by using less plastic. Sometimes progress takes a painfully long time, one tiny step at a time. Look how long it took for us to get to the moon: thousands of years. Unless you expect a miracle to occur, this is reality, and it’s as real as it gets. But the company should be, if it hasn’t already begun, looking for some alternative material to manufacture the water bottles.

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  5. You’re right Julia at least it is a step in the right direction. I think I saw Nescafe advertise a more eco friendly package which said they now use 90% less packaging which is good. I think more companies especially sauces should look at material saving packaging.

    • To me, it seems as though the objective is to do the bare minimum to make the most money and I wonder if they don’t think to themselves in the board room….

      Bob: “We have to do something, but what?”
      Janis: “We could put a little bit less plastic into the bottle, would that work?”
      Bob: “How much less plastic? Sounds expensive. How will it effect our bottom line?”
      Janis: “It is expensive, but we need to be seen as doing SOMETHING. Perhaps sales will increase because at least we’ve done SOMETHING?”
      Bob: “Alright, let’s give it a whirl.”

      Simplified meeting minutes, but probably not out to lunch.

  6. Nice dialogue freshstart that is probably how it goes as well. Some of these companies just want to jump on the bandwagon. Why not do something of long term value instead of just publicity stunts. Coca Cola have invested millions into recycling plants which is at least a step in the right direction.

    • I’m with you Phones Contract. So much effort and expense goes into fooling people that if even half the effort was invested into making an actual difference, we’d be way ahead.

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    “Eco Shape Bottle” TM | Fresh Start Recycling Blog

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