Starbucks, shared planet or not?

I went to Starbucks this morning for an Americano, and I asked for my prepaid card balance.  They printed it out instead of telling me.  I looked, it was $14+/- I crumpled it up, and I threw it out.

How “shared planet” is that? Mr./Ms. Barista, could you please just say, “$14.xx”?  I’ll say, “Thanks”. We’ll be done.

My opinion? Starbucks is a little too “forest”, and not enough “trees”.



  1. Mhairi said

    Another example of green washing at its best if you ask me.

  2. Dan80 said

    Lol! Maybe the Baristas are mute!

  3. agreed! we have far to many or these recipts

  4. c’mon now, the workers have to do something. they are getting paid afterall. speaking is too easy.

  5. I don’t think there is really a need for recicepts in places like starbucks, it’s not like you would be wanting a refund on your coffee a week later!

    • I know! Isn’t that the truth? There’s some occasions when for business meetings, or when you buy someone a gift like a coffee machine, or travel mug when perhaps a receipt makes sense. But for every day Lattes, or to get the balance of your prepaid coffee card, it’s totally nonsensical!!!

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