Christmas Meet-up of all Meet-ups

Copy and pasted directly out of an email sent to me.

What: Christmas / Holiday Meetup of Meetups 2.0

When: December 15, 2009 6:00 PM (note that this is a Tuesday and not Wednesday)

Ceilis Irish Pub – (Dublin Room)
670 Smithe Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 1E3

This is the Meetup of all Meetups that we are associated with here in Vancouver. We have joined forces with the likes of the Third Tuesday Meetup then Vancouver Blogger’s Meetup, the Real Estate Technology Meetup the Vancouver Sales Meetup and the Young Professionals Meetup for one big year end social mixer. We have several other Meetup’s involved and as we confirm their involvement they will be added to the list.

Many of these Meetups share the same members and same goals; to help people connect, share best practices and create community. This event has a slightly different format than our regular Meetup. We expect 350 + people to attend and would appreciate your RSVP asap.

Door prizes valued up to $500.00 donated by The Vancouver Board of Trade, Ceilis Irish Pub, Reachd, and Ubertor as well as several other organizations have been provided.

This is an opportunity to expand your network, connect, and have fun in a casual atmosphere.

Your first drink is on The Sociable! Guys (Stephen Jagger and Shane Gibson ) and Ceilis. A donation of $10.00 to the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau or ideally an unwrapped new toy is appreciated (they’re very low this year and demand is high).


6:00 pm Arrive, get your free drink ticket and your Meetup Badge
6:30 pm 5 minute welcome and thanks to the sponsors
6:35 pm til late: Positive community building and networking anarchy! Have fun
8:00 pm twitpic of the night award.

If you’re a member of multiple meetups you will get more than one invite. Simply RSVP yes for one and no for the rest to reduce redundant e-mails and invites.

Important Notes:

Ceilis will also be offering a couple food specials at the event.
If you’re doing to drink please arrange a drive home with a designated driver or taxi
Drinking and twittering or updating FaceBook should be done while seated or leaning against a bar to avoid shaky photo syndrome. Photos will be taken at the event and posted on flickr and FaceBook so we would strongly suggest not wearing any lampshades on your head etc. unless that is part of your online branding strategy.

Christmas / Holiday Meetup of Meetu…


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