Tom, is that you???

That was the subject heading of the email my cousin sent me the other day from “Shipment of Fail”

Cardboard Fail!

Cardboard Fail!

Oh my lord that’s awesome!!



  1. Will said

    I’d like to get your views on the new moustache “craze” that has taken hit Vancouver by storm. Are moustaches as environmentally friendly as everyone is saying, or is this bunk?

    • Mustaches are indeed quite environmentally friendly. It really does astonish and surprise me that more educated, and affluent individuals and lawyer types, along with the greater population as a whole doesn’t invest more time in growing these fantastic badges of masculinity.

      Think of the earth mother as you eschew your local big box retailer when it comes time to pick up your new bottle of shaving foam. Stick it to “the man” when they offer you 7 blades instead of 5. Say, “No, madam I WILL NOT” when asked by your wife to, “GET RID OF THAT RIDICULOUS THING!!!!” 10 o’clock at night when you’re ready for bed.

      Indeed, the mustache is fantastic. Thank-you for asking such a well thought out question.

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