Kits House & “Things I’m glad I know”

Two cool things happened recently.

First I went to visit Kits House.  It’s important to see what’s going on in my local community and I’d heard about them and wanted to see what they were all about.  I was given a tour by Emily who showed me around and told me what they were all about.  They have a facebook account, and they twitter to keep in touch with Volunteers and to let people know what’s going on.

The coolest thing of all was that they gave me a zucchini out of their rather significant community garden.  I took it home to make a pretty tasty stir fry last night and I have to give them props for that.  It was pretty awesome.  They have all sorts of nifty stuff in that garden including cucumber, basil, all sorts of herbs, squash, tomatoes.  Oodles of stuff.  Really neat; I wish I’d brought my camera!!

Check it out for yourself – they’re at 2325 West 7th Ave. which is right on the corner of 7th and Vine in Kitsilano.

The other thing I thougth was really cool was that we were mentioned in the Blog “Things I’m Glad I know”

They were glad to know they knew us!! That’s pretty darn nifty!!!  Thanks!  We bought them a $15 coffee card, and sent them a thank-you and some $10 off cards. I love how these little things happen.


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