Social Media – The debate continues

I’ve been very public about how I’m trying to fit twitter into my business model and I’m still really trying to puzzle it out.  I did come across this article entitled: 5 easy Social Media Wins for Your Small Business that I thought I would pass on.

I was speaking with a friend last night that works for a non-profit and she was trying to think of ways to fit twitter into their corporate culture.  Well, I said, that’s an easy one!  You have volunteer events, you host social functions, you have booths at local events and festivals, you have a presence in the community.  As well, they host classes on the topics of literacy (computer, social etc.) and so on.  To me, that’s a no brainer.

Dell and large organizations can utilize twitter to promote specials on machines, clear out old stock etc.

But what if you’re a recycling company? What if your customers are locally based? It’s not so blindingly obvious to me but I do want to maintain communication with clients and friends. For now that’s what I’m using it for.

Do you have a growing, service based business? How do you use twitter?


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