Twitter. Is it useful?

I don’t know.  I’m a signatory to the Twitter craze, but I’ve yet to get my groove on with it. I know I like to follow Lance Armstrong, but for business… ?

I’m open to new suggestions though should anyone have them.  Here’s an articl by which I thought was actually pretty cool.

Do people here use twitter for their businesses? For anything? What do you think?



  1. I’ve just recently joined twitter (my location is I have struggled with keeping a separation between my blog, Reduce Footprints, and my Etsy shop. While I do have a link to my shop in the sidebar of the blog, including a few pictures, I don’t speak about it or try to promote it much because my focus, there, is all about living a greener life. So I joined twitter to handle “the shop”. Since joining, the traffic to my shop has increased quite a bit. So I think it works.

    In reading other people’s tweets, I’ve learned that the ones I’m most inclined to respond to and get involved with are the ones that don’t just “sell”. So I think that getting readers involved … becoming friends … is possibly the way to use any social network for business purposes.

    Great question!

    Small Footprints

    • Hey, thanks for the comment!

      I tried to look you up and add you to my twitter feed, but I was having trouble locating you. I’d like to incorporate twitter more into what we do, but I’m having difficulty finding useful ways because we’re a bricks and mortar, service based business. To get work, we kind of need people that are looking to clean out their basement or garage, so I’m finding it a little challenging.

      Still, it took Google a little while to come on the scene, but they seemed to have done a pretty wonderful job exploiting the web and showing us what it can do. I’m hoping that twitter’s just brand new, and will one day come into its own.

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