Anyone have any spare bikes that make up part of something else?

We’ll donate them to a worthy charity!!!!

That’s how we roll!  Get it?!  Seriously, it costs real live no foolin money for us to get to your house, pick up your unwanted items, responsibly distribute them, run the blog, maintain the website, do things, run a business etc. but THEN we’re solid corporate citizens the whole way through!  We promise!

And THIS way, you know the story of what happend to your old cycles!  At least for 2 weeks before we took them to a charity.

A buddy of mine (who used to work for Fresh Start actually) is coming for a visit from the UK.  He wants a bike or 2 for him and his wife to maneuver about the city.  Here’s what he wrote me in Facebook.  “G” is garbage.  You gotta be in the know! 🙂  Annndd you need to say “Word” a lot.  It just smooths everything over.


I’ve been meaning to ask you a favour actually. Remember how Kate and I are coming back to Vancouver in August? We decided that when we get there, rather than take the bus everywhere or rent a car, a cheaper and more fun way to get around the city woud be on bikes. Trouble is, bike rental for two people is almost as much as car rental!

So here’s your chance to be heroic. If you happen to come by any crappy old bikes in the ‘G’, is there any chance you could put them aside for us? Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen, our back up plan is to buy some from Sports Junkies and hope they’ll buy them back two weeks later. But I just thought if you do happen to find any, like I did when I was there before, please don’t throw them out.

I also suggested to him.  It’s what I use when not aboard my zippy scooter.  They’re in the UK as well as all over the US so when I travel to a city with Zipcars (like if I took a train to Seattle for example) I have access to vehicles.  Pretty rad!


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