2808 Main Street, Vancouver

Did a very quick job today for Klondike Contracting at 2808 Main Street.  Thanks Annaliesse!! 


A small amount of drywall to be recycled, and some garbage in the cans

A small amount of drywall to be recycled, and some garbage in the cans

I think we spent about 15 minutes actually on the site loading up the truck.  An excellent call, and typical of what we do all day.  Sometimes larger, sometimes smaller but all similar.  Another satisfied customer! 🙂


Drywall recycled and we pulled the pop bottles and cans out of the 2 trash cans.



  1. Hi!

    Fresh Start is impressive! The services you provide are so valuable … not only to consumers but to the earth! Having worked in the construction field for many year, I know (only too well) that there is enormous, unnecessary waste … waste that could be recycled and re-used.

    BTW … thank you for leaving a comment on Reduce Footprints. It’s always good to consider every angle of a situation and I appreciate you sharing another perspective with us.

    I’m following your blog and have added it to my “green” blog roll.

    Thanks for all you do!

    Small Footprints

    • Thank-you Small Footprints. I appreciate your compliments!! I enjoyed your blog as well and considering multiple angles makes an argument stronger and gives the listener more information from which to draw conclusions. It’s about dialogue in my opinion and thanks for taking the time to write!

  2. On behalf of the Klondike Team, thank you for your wonderful work! Great blog! Check out KC’s blog as well http://www.klondikecontracting.com/blog. Would love to have your feedback & if you have any suggestions as to topics related to demo/recycling/rubbish removal/green tips would love to hear from you! Thanks Tom.

    Kelly Gordon

    • Thomas said

      Thank-you Kelly!! I did check it out… What a wealth of information about renovations and smart planning!! I’ve added Klondike’s blog to our “blog links” in the right hand column.

      Take care,

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