Seth Godin on the tribes we lead

I’m a big fan of TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. As I was looking for things to blog about today, I noticed a talk by Seth Godin.  Here he talks about tribes and the death of mass marketing. He talks about how it should be more about uniting people with a common yearning than bombarding them with a message and trying to convince them that your way is the best way. The result of this, he argues, is that your customers & your followers are supportive and willing participants who go on to expound the virtues of what’s happening. Why was Al Gore’s, “An Inconvenient Truth” so pervasive? Because the people that enjoyed it went on to tell others.  He united a group of people with a common belief in the environment who, in turn went on to share that with others.

Here’s the talk, it runs 17:23 and I really enjoyed it.  Do you have any experiences uniting people of a common thread?



  1. rewinn said

    In my experience recruiting volunteers for pro bono lawyering work, (e.g. I find that broadcast appeals are almost valueless (in the “broadcast” category I include articles in magazines, postings on Official Websites, and highly generic broadcast email). What works is a highly targetted, specific appeal to an individual or small group that they have voluntarily joined, e.g. “Dear Attorney Smith …” or “You and all members of the Skagit County Bar Ass’n are invited”.

    I believe this is because it is so cheap to broadcast, that we get so MANY broadcast appeals that we tend to dismiss them all as valueless. In contrast, an obviously narrowly-cast appeal is more expensive to produce, hence the recipient has the feeling that it’s more valuable, more likely to be of interest. The CONTENT of the appeal has not changed, but its relevance has.

    One important thing about broadcast appeals Is that a reference to them in the narrowcast appeal can lend credibility to the narrowcast. So it’s important to me to do the broadcast stuff pro forma, but not to rely on it for results.

    • Well said rewinn, I agree. It’s been my approach thus far when I engage in marketing to focus it amongst a targeted few that I’ve researched and think would be interested, and then I speak to them as one business owner to another. What are your problems? We may be able to help you solve them. Let us try.

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