Greenmuze tracks down Tom Szaky

Tom Szaky has one super impressive company.  I’ve read interviews in magazines, seen him on TV shows like Donny Deutsche and watched a tonne of videos on Youtube including clips from CNN and the BBC as well as had a couple of phone conversations with him.  Tom Szaky is one cool dude and the owner of Terracycle.  Terracycle got it’s start turning worm poop into fertilizer and essentially turning garbage into gold, literally (well, not ‘literally’).  They were then sued by Scott’s for having similar packaging design, and Tom, clever guy that he is created another website “” which no longer exists.  Why? They settled out of court.  And now?  He’s doing so much more!!!! He’s turning Capri Sun packages into pencil cases, wine barrels into rain water barrels, e waste into flower pots, he has his buildings painted for free at “graffiti jams”.

All in all, wonderfully impressive. Can you tell I like him?  Here’s “his story” taken straight off their site.

Greenmuze, a Canadian blog from Vancouver Island interviews him on May 27th


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