Hollyburn Property Managers? Anyone?

I woke up quite early this morning and as I was lying in bed, it occurred to me, “It’s the end of the month, and everyone else is asleep!” So I got up, and hopped on my scooter, and headed into the West End to hand out some fliers.

As I’m motoring around the West End, I couldn’t help but notice just how many properties are managed by Hollyburn, there’s a LOT. And a lot of signs that say, “Vacancy” or “Waiting List”, which implies there’s a lot of people moving in, and a lot of people moving out.  Moving, moving, moving….  Does anyone out here in the “blogosphere” know any Hollyburn managers? Property managers in general? In the West End?

In my daily routine as I’m out meeting people it comes up what I do, invariably, if they live in the West End they say to me, You should come down my alleyway, there’s LOTS of junk back there“. It’s not sooo simple, I mean, someone does sort of  need to pay to have it removed.  I don’t make a habit of driving up and down alleys and picking stuff up for free, although I’ve done charitable works before, acquiring trash for fun is not a habit of mine. But, if I could meet some managers that live in that area, I could get to it and recycle it before it becomes something the neighbours discuss when they run into garbage men! Plus, the property managers I’m sure, are looking to keep their buildings and alleyways clear of clutter.

It’s altogether a good introduction.  I’d do something nice for you if you passed me the name of a willing participant!


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