Goat Canucks Goat

Listening to the news this morning getting ready for work, I heard a recurring story.  The boys that were sending goats to Kenya were featured yet again.  As we consider helping the “environment” to also take into consideration other things like community, I thought this was very blog worthy.

Goat Meter

Goat Meter

They were discussing ways to support and honour the Canucks on their quest to the cup (which ultimately “failed”), and I’m guessing over a few beers, Goatees became goats, and so the story goes.  I say “failed” because this movement seems like a resounding success to me!!

Here’s their website: www.goatcanucksgoat.com

On May 10th they had 500 goats destined for Africa, this morning when I heard the news and checked they had 875 goats, and now, as I right this at 9:30 they have 900.



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