Ikea revolution

I was listening to the CBC this morning, as I often do. The Sunday Edition, and there was a woman on the show that was talking about the economy and our environment, and how things are intertwined.  It was very interesting.

One thing she suggested was a paradigm shift regarding Ikea.  She was commenting on how Ikea has a reputation for furniture that is of a lesser quality, and how wouldn’t it be spectacular if Ikea would buy back all the furniture it sold and repurpose it to a different consumer.  

A lightbulb went off for me.  Isn’t that a spectacular concept? Instead of my company coming to get the pieces after a couple of years (people’s personal finacial stability changes, tastes change and so on) and taking them (more often than not)  to landfills (they usually disintegrate between your doorstep and the back of the truck rendering them impossible to donate but we donate what we can).  Wouldn’t it be cool if Ikea bought it back?

I think the odds of this are slim to none.  But my goodness would their popularity not be stratospheric if they did?  How revolutionary is that?


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