Hot or Not? – HOT!

Hot!  Smokin’ Hot.

Nothing to do with the environment at all, but extremely cool nonetheless.  What is it?  It’s a site where you and the person you have a disagreement with can post your sides of the argument, and then you can let the Internet act as Jury and appoint a “winner”.

I suppose you could make it about the environment by posting a question like, “I think paper recycling and having separate collection for fiber is good for the environment and saves trees but my boyfriend says having all sorts of trucks driving up and down the streets adds to green house gas emissions, and we should put everything in one (garbage) can”.

That’s a debate that took place at the last Metro Vancouver Zero Waste symposium I attended. I haven’t see that question posted at the website, but I like the site. What a cool idea!  Try it out!! Try something simple though like, “Toilette paper should roll from the top…” A controversial topic to be sure!!!


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