I took my own advice – I bought a Yamaha Scooter!!!

So last week I was raving about my cousin’s scooter.  He bought himself a new (to him) Yamaha Vino (pics below in a previous posting).  And I mocked him, and his lawyer buddies mocked him, and lawyer friends of lawyer buddies mocked him, and family mocked him, but he didn’t care and he bought it anyway.  And then he leant it to me to go to work one day while he was out of town.  

Annnnd I bought one.  I actually sold my motorcycle to buy one!

My brother aboard my BWS

My brother aboard my BWS

A 2005 Yamaha BWS 49cc scooter with 5300 km.  It’s kinda rad.  It’s really rad actually.  It’s cool for a myriad of reasons.  One, I really don’t care about the carbon tax anymore.  At least not on an individual level.  At $5.00 to go 150km, is it really relevant?  No.  No it isn’t.  3.3 cents per km? Win. Also, I paid $1500 for the scooter.  That’s pretty awesome.  It’s a 2005, with only 5300km so bordering on brand new.  And there’s insurance.  I paid $200 for 3 months.  I have an insurance friend of mine looking into whether or not I got the correct coverage.  I admit, that in my excitement to get on the road, I may have overlooked some key features of my coverage that could have potentially reduced the cost.  Basically I think I’m well over insured.

So where does this leave Thomas Goodall the individual when it comes to navigating the city?  I think I’ve hit the trifecta of responsible movement.  I don’t own a car, I own a scooter, which means that on rainy stormy days I have a few options.  The bus, not as bad as people make it out to be, I get to field customer queries without being the person you’re glowering at for talking on the phone and I can listen to my mp3 player in comfort as I read the morning paper.  

I can carpool.  My cousin has a scooter and a car so on the lousy days he drives in.  His office isn’t far from mine, so I walk from his office to mine.  

And lastly, I’m a member of Zipcar, so if I’m at the office without wheels I book a car for an hour or however long I need.  I get a brand new, very nice car to zip me about.  I’m partial to the Jetta, the Subaru Outback, and the Audi (which costs more per hour but is oh so sweet!).

It really is the trifecta of responsible movement.

I did the math to see what it cost me to drive from home, on the North Shore, to work near Howe and Davie.  Return was $0.93 for fuel.  When you factor in the day’s worth of insurance, that’s $2.50 return.  I don’t have to pay for parking, because I tuck it in behind a telephone poll in the back alley.  What does the bus cost?  $7.50.  What do zip cars cost per hour? $8.75.  What did the car cost when I had one? Lots!!  I didn’t work it out because it was sad.

I did have a meeting yesterday with a potential client which I took the scooter to.  She was shocked about “Where’s my Truck”.  I explained I didn’t need a truck to deliver a folder’s worth of collateral and my smiling mug.  People will catch on.  It’s the way forward!

Never again will I mock another person on a scooter.  I’ve hit the jackpot!  I’m off to acquire some windproof pants.  I have cold knees.


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  1. Following up: Just fueled up on my way home. $4.80 for 197km traveled. That’s INSANE!

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