My letter to Mayor and Council Re: Burrard Street Bridge Closures.

This afternoon I wrote to the Mayor and Council because I feel very strongly that they shouldn’t close down lanes on the Burrard Street Bridge for cyclists.

You can as well.  Here’s a link to the City of Vancouver’s site where you can have your opinion heard.  They vote on this tomorrow.


Hello Mr. Mayor and fellow council members,

 I’m against closing lanes on the Burrard Street Bridge.  I blog about it here:

 Basically, I don’t think there’s a problem that can’t be solved by putting up a railing to hold people on the side walk safe and keep them away from cars. 

 Companies like mine keep cars off the road by collecting recyclable goods from people’s homes – taking them en masse to the appropriate facilities.  In years past, when I was an employee of Capers, I’d routinely ride my bike from my home at 1st and Trutch to work at Capers in West Vancouver over that bridge, and never felt unsafe.  NEVER.  I also witnessed long back-ups of cars, with three lanes going into and out of Kitsilano and think closing a lane and exacerbating the problem is folly.  Especially now that my business involves sending drivers into and out of Kitsilano on a regular and routine basis.

 The bike lobby is strong in Vancovuer, but I don’t think they’re correct.  I don’t think closing a lane on the bridge is wise, or necessary.  There are many ways to get from one side of that water to the other including the little ferry boats (a very charming mode of transport) and walking.  If you’re feeling unsafe on that truly massive sidewalk, perhaps that type of cycling isn’t for you – In much the same way that hurtling myself down Mt. Seymore on a mountain bike isn’t for me.

 Please, please, please do not close lanes on the Burrard Street Bridge for cyclists.  In order to keep cyclists safe, please consider railings.

 If any of you care to follow up with me, all of my contact info is below, but I’m certainly not expecting any of you to.  Please take to heart my suggestion though, I feel strongly about this issue.

I then closed with all of my contact information.


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