2002 Yamaha Vino

My cousin’s away on Vancouver Island and he let me borrow his scooter while he’s gone.  I have to say if you’ve ever driven one, it’s hard to believe you don’t own one.  This thing is a RIOT!!  He bought his on Craigslist for $1600.

Environmentally, I have to suggest it’s a home-run as well.  I support hybrid technologies and I’m pro education BUT, maybe we need to reexamine the logic behind a vehicle weighing 1300kg to move around an individual that weighs 80kg (insert you’re own car/person weights here) (any similarity to the author’s weights is purely coincidental…)

Cousin's borrowed Vino

Cousin's borrowed Vino

When I turned the key this morning, my first stop was to fill the tank at Mohawk (ethanol and all that) and I was curious how much fuel it had burned up to display 150km on the trip meter.  Gas this morning was $1.02/L.  Guess how much it was to fill the tank.  Guess…. $5.05

Umm, I’ll save you the math.  That’s 3.3 cents per KM on gasoline!!!

I think 100kg vehicle to move 80 kg of person all of a sudden makes a tonne more sense!!!

Prius Link on wikipedia

Vino 125 link on wikipedia (my cousin’s a 49cc, so probably lighter)

One downside is the weather, and Vancouver’s wet, there’s not much I can say about that except that I have owned a motorcycle for 15 years (crumbs I had no idea) and driven it one year from February straight through to December on many frosty, cold and wet days.  If you dress for it, it’s really not all that bad.

And I don’t agree with the “unsafe” adjective to describe 2 wheels ripping you about town.  I’ll give you that if you do find yourself in the very unfortunate situation of getting into an accident, you may be more likely to get hurt.  But I feel safer riding one because they are more nimble (able to stop and go much quicker than a car), there’s no temptation to use a cell phone, I can’t drink coffee, I’m able to move around cyclists or cars poking their noses out of alleys and so on.  

They force you to engage in the driving process rather than be a spectator of what your car is doing while you (or I) sip a latte (because of course I’ve taken my coffee to work with me).

I highly recommend it.  And disregard the mocking, anyone who rides one will say it’s the most fun they’ve had in a heck of a long time!!

Here’s the link to Craigslist.  For scooters I like to put in the price bracket of $1000 to about $3000 so you weed out all the gloves, and more expensively priced motorcycles.  Oh yeah, and you only need a regular driver’s licence for 49cc scooters.



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