Burrard Street Bridge Bike Lane considered

So, the city of Vancouver is considering a few options for the Burrard Street Bridge.  You can read the article on the CBC’s site I’ll put a link to it at the end, there’s 3 options, none of them I particularly like, least of which is lane closures.

Now personally, I don’t think there’s a problem.  Actually I do think there’s a problem.  The problem I think is that people steadfastly adhear to the rules, and don’t think “What’s the safest option for ME”.  There’s a line in the middle of the sidewalk, and cyclists stay tight to the line, not tight to the right.  So the faster cyclist passing, is dangerously close to the road.  Instead, if he stayed tight to the right faster cyclist could pass from behind and not be too close to the road.  Pedestrians heading in the same direction are slow and wouldn’t need to pass, pedestrians heading towards you can see what’s coming and move to the side.  Cyclists coming towards you have ample room to pass if you’re tight to the right.  

My opinion is they should take out the line down the center so that people don’t feel compelled to follow the rules and start thinking, “Where is it safest for me to ride/walk” and secondly I think they should put in a railing, so that if there is an accident, you fall against the railing and not off the impressively high curb.

I used to live at 1st @ Trutch in Vancouver, and would ride my bike to work in Dundarave at Capers.  I did this to and from work for as long as I was there.  I never felt in danger.  Now I own a company with trucks that frequently get stuck in traffic on that bridge while there are 3 lanes in each direction.  Do I want them to close a lane for cyclists?  Absolutely not.

I do support more people riding in a safe manner, and the environment and all that.  But I’m steadfastly against lanes being closed on the bridge.  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your skill level precluding you from activities.  I don’t throw myself down Mount Seymour on some crazy trail and jump stumps because I’m reasonably certain I’ll kill myself.  If you feel unsafe riding over the bridge, dare I suggest that you find an alternate method of crossing it.  There’s walking, there’s ferries all over false creek, possibilities abound.

AND I also happen to think that companies like mine keep cars off the road just by the very nature of what they do.  I don’t think we needto have 15 people ahead of us in their Nissan Micras at the recycling depot with shoeboxes full of metal coat hangers.  Companies like mine should be able to freely move around the city, it’s a good step in the right direction.



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  1. […]  I’m against closing lanes on the Burrard Street Bridge.  I blog about it here: https://freshstartrecycling.wordpress.com/2009/05/01/burrard-street-bridge-bike-lane-considered/ […]

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