Bought a new Stapler today!

Today I bought a new stapler.  I didn’t want to, but the amount of time I spent unjamming my present stapler became impressive.  It far out weighed the amount of time I spent using it for it’s intended purpose.  I once offered a prize to anyone that could unjam it and I started creating little tricks to make it work properly when the time came.  You know, when poker players tap the cards they receive 3 times hoping this will bless them with a pair of Aces?  That sort of thing.  Really healthy, un crazy sorts of things.

Anyway, today I bought a stapler. (oh I did other things as well, but this is what I’ll blog about)

I looked around, tried to find a good balance between value and function, and I settled on a nice generic model that came with staples and a stapler picker and was actually less money that it’s competitors.  PERFECT I thought.  I’d already walked to the store, I was mid “to do” list, and I wanted to minimize my time spent “shopping”.


As I was in line waiting to pay for my “fantastic new toy” it occurred to me that the packaging of my stapler was less than environmentally friendly.  Yes it was cheap, yes it came with staples and a picker (but I had those already), yes it would fasten paper together in an expeditious manner – BUT, I  decided to abandon my place in line and reassess. I’d use packaging as my motivation.

Well, I won.  I didn’t see it before, but the first one I laid my eyes on in a cardboard box was $3.00 more, but was made with 80% post consumer plastic, IN ADDITION to being in a cardboard box instead of that weird, unrecyclable, plastic crapola that most stuff comes in and is impossible to open anyway.

Woot!  Take THAT! Who says saving the planet is too much work? Eh?! Who?

Here’s the link for the stapler.  It’s even “pretty”.

Rapid ECO FX Stapler


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