Tesla debuts new Model S Prototype

Tesla has released images for their new electric car, and shaved the price from over $100,000 for their roadster to $57,000 for their newest version.

I think it looks pretty sleek and sexy.  

And I’m no economist, but I’d like to hope that with all this business going on in the auto sector we’ll be  forced to think about vehicles in a whole new light.  Like, maybe gasoline isn’t so bad if the vehicles weigh half as much as they do presently.  Or, maybe with companies like GM gone, or dramatically diminished in size, companies like Tesla are able to survive and thrive.  Or, maybe the problem isn’t speed govenors, maybe we should look at rev governors.  And so on.  Hey, I’m no economist, mechanic, or whatever.  But I do think about these things.

Personally, I thought it was great.



Tesla Motors

Quirks and Quarks blog on Electric Vehicles


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