Our Team and our Economy

On Friday we had a staff meeting.  Many things were discussed: the current economy, the home show, the Olympics and numerous other topics made the agenda.  At the end of the meeting I increased the wages of Kim and Tyler; our star employees.  I did that because they’ve done a really excellent jobs, customers have said very positive things about them as of late, and I wanted to reward them for being so valuable to the team.

And then I listened to CBC this morning and they were talking about the economy, and some of the negative effects of cost cutting.  How damaging it was to the economy to reduce wages (on a macro level).  I was pleasantly impressed with not only the fact that I was helping the employees I care about, but the economy as well.  What a timely article!

Is there something you personally can do to help the economy?  Maybe your company is doing something noteworthy?  Even if it’s small, we’d like to hear about it!


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