Green up the Clean up

It occurs to me that a lot of companies boast about how much recycling they do, but they don’t back it up with numbers.  50% of nothing is nothing, am I right?

So I decided that I should share what we’re recycling because you, our clients are choosing to use us to help with the clean-up.  You, essentially are doing all the recycling, and diversion by calling us, and letting us help.  We’re enablers.  Rather than weight 45 minutes to drive through the recycling portion of the transfer station with a shoebox full of coat hangers, we take care of it all!!  So without further ado, here’s how you’re making a difference…

December 2008

Total cubic yards diverted from landfill….. 87.5

Total # of KG of ferrous metals & drywall…. 2700 kg

Total # of KG of wood salvage, diverted, and recycled 2630 kg

Total # of KG of concrete ground up for road base….. 2160 kg


Month after month, and year after year, our customers are making sound, environmental choices.



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