Native Indian story

I hope everyone had a great, relaxing Christmas.  Or, if you had children, a relatively chaos free Christmas.

Just listening to CBC radio this afternoon I heard a story of the Native people in the north.  The story is of a man on a beach that is  covered in a carpet of  starfish.  He’s throwing them into the ocean one by one and a 2nd man sees this and asks what he’s doing.  “Helping the Starfish” the man explains.  The 2nd man is blown away.  It’s clearly a lost cause, there’s so many more starfish on the beach that even if he did it for a year, you wouldn’t notice he’d done anything at all.  So the 2nd man asks him, “Why are you doing this pointless task?”  To which, the man replies, “It isn’t pointless to the starfish I throw back into the ocean”.

It can often seem a sisyphean task trying to make a responsible, environmental choice, even overwhelming at times.  But hopefully you can look at that single choice and see one tangible result; then you make that choice again, again, and again.  What I took away from that story is to focus on that single act and that single result.  If you keep doing that, hopefully all of us acting together will add up to something we can start to measure.  We can’t, as individuals see what others are doing.  Let’s make sure that what we do makes a difference to us.  

Not just to the environment, but in the community.  Buy a homeless guy a pair of socks.  It won’t decrease global warming on the surface, but who knows how deep the effect will be felt.  It all helps even on a very small scale, it sure won’t be small to the guy who has warm feet.


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