Elliot Spitzer

Do you remember this guy? I’d be surprised if you didn’t but just in case, he was the N.Y. Governor that was accused of frequenting a $1000 an hour “professional” woman.  Why the quotations?  I don’t know; likely for $1000 per hour she probably was VERY professional.  I know if I spent $1K/hour on ANYTHING and it wasn’t of the higest quality, service wise, I’d be noticably agitated.  I digress.

ANYWAY, I read today in 24 hours (one of Vancouver’s free papers) ON PAGE 12!!! that after a “thorough investigation” there’d been no misuse of public funds and that there was insufficient evidence to bring charges.

Wow! Page 12 of the free paper.  No charges.  Do you remember all the coverage on CNN???  Page 12.  

Wow, does that suck.

Good luck getting a job at Farm Boy now you ‘innocent’ bastard.


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