On going to the Movies…

Ok, so I went to the movies on the weekend by myself.  I had a relaxing Sunday in mind.  I spent the morning packing (I’m moving in November), and I wanted to chill out and there’s a bunch of great flicks out these days.  I have a nice TV, surround sound, and all that jazz.  But still, a movie in a theatre is pretty nice. 

I chose Burn After Reading.  It’s been out the longest and while not really necessary to see in the theatre, it’s my Sunday, there’s no one to consult, and that’s what I wanted to see.  I never did, I went in the wrong doors and saw Eagle Eye.  That’s another (far less entertaining) blog post.  My opinion of Eagle Eye?  Save your pennies, the story is an old one.

This posting is more about 2 things related to seeing a movie at the theatre.  First, the advertising that takes place before the show, and Second, the cost of snack.  BOTH are outrageous!

First.  Advertising.  I get it.  I really like the TV show Entourage.  Really like it.  One of my all time fav’s.  But I’m not about to pay people to make it.  That’s what advertising is for.  There’s a fair and equitable exchange.  Other people make the TV show Entourage for my viewing pleasure, and in exchange for that, I permit them to tell me all about Tide with bleach.  That’s great.  I have to pay for cable, which I’m not a super fan off because isn’t that what the advertising is suppose to cover?  I mean how would they advertise to me if I didn’t have cable?  Cable should be a gift.  The point is, I don’t have to pay for Entourage, companies that choose to advertise during that time-slot do.  Its Great.

BUT, when I pay to see a movie in a theatre, that’s the exchange.  I give them my $12, they show me a movie.  That’s it.  We’re through.  The transaction is complete.  They’ve decided that’s what it costs to see a movie, I chose to pay it.  Or that’s how it used to be.  BUT NOW, those weaselly bastards have changed the deal.  Now I’m paying to see advertisements, and I don’t like it.  The movie theatre is making money off me as a patron, and then going to advertisers and saying, “Look at this captive audience we have here that paid to come and see the show.  We’ll charge you X to advertise them.”  They’re double dipping, and it isn’t right.

What am I doing about this?  I’m pretty limited in what I can do.  I’m 1 guy and they’re making pretty good cake from the advertisers.  So when I went on Sunday I wanted to have popcorn and pop.  It’s my Sunday, I’m chilling out, popcorn and pop are just the things and it’s been a while since I’ve been to a movie but (and maybe you’re already aware of this) those snacks are highway robbery!!! 

$10 for a small pop and popcorn?  A bottle of watter was $3.60.  What did you pay the last time you bought a bottle of water at a gas station?  I did today, it was $2.50 for 2.  The whole time in the line-up I’m thinking, “YOU BASTARDS ARE STEALING FROM ME” (very quietly to myself of course).  When I got to the till, I thought, “what should I do, oooo What should I do?” I didn’t rock bad and forth, or hop from side to side wringing my hands or anything but I was not pleased about the price.  And THEN I saw the kids pack was $6 and you got half a small popcorn (still a decent size because at least smalls are big at the theatre), and a smaller pop (again, same deal).  Ah ha! Gotcha.  So that’s what I did.

The $6 was an OK price I could continue to pay that.  But I went to Save-on last night to buy groceries I noticed that because of Halloween they have mini everything for sale. I bought some small (quiet to open) bottles of 7-up and some small packs of Old Dutch and that’s what I’m doing when I go and see, “Burn After Reading” for real.  Just as soon as I learn the difference between a red door and a green door.

Am I out to lunch?  This all makes perfect sense to me.  What do you think?


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