Haunted House in Dunbar

Last year I went to the coolest haunted house ever.  Bar none.  It was in Dunbar at 6478 Dunbar St. 

This year I went looking on-line for it because I knew the rough area of Southlands where it was, but not the specific address.  I came across this website…


I don’t think I should rehash everything that’s in the article, but suffice it to say it’s WELL worth the visit.

I had the pants quite literally scared off of me (well, not literally, but someone came a hair’s breadth from getting punched out) when I mistook a guy in a scary costume for a mechanical contraption, and then said mechanical contraption jumped at me, and screamed.  I nearly died.  Then I nearly killed the offending creature.

I’m better now, and I intend to head back this year before Halloween.  In fact, I’m really excited.

Oh, and btw, please buy this years pumpkin from a local farmer.  It’s fun, and the kiddies like the pumpkin rides.  Kids are funny like that.



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