Methods of Transportation – What do you think?

An interesting topic arose in the Fresh Start office this morning and it got me thinking. With the introduction of the highly unpopular carbon tax and a constant increase in gas prices, how many people will continue to use their cars for day to day tasks? With the rapid disappearance of the middle class, most societies now consist of those that are wealthy and those that aren’t. Unfortunately, with today’s costs of living, more and more people are dropping into the latter category, and fewer and fewer people are able to afford the cost of a car. With this in mind, the unanimous opinion we reach this morning was that in a few years time there will be substantially less cars on the road.

And what then? As most of our staff choose not to drive for day to day tasks we can say first hand how difficult it can be to get around some areas of the city without a car. Granted some areas could use some improvement, but for the most part Vancouver is well enough planned for pedestrians, providing plenty of crosswalks and sidewalks for getting around. However, for those of us who like to use non-motor powered wheels, such as bicycles, as a means of transportation things get substantially worse. Generally sidewalks are too busy to ride or skate on and the law technically frowns upon doing so. But with few bike lanes on the road and a general unawareness from drivers in regards to other road users, how safe is it to ride on the road? Speaking with regular cyclists, even the safest of travelers have had close calls if not collisions with vehicles. And with plenty of city planners thinking with “car head” (the perspective of looking at things through the windshield of a car), are conditions for non-drivers ever going to improve?

What do you think? We want to know how you commute and how safe and convenient you feel it is to either cycle, skate, or board as a means of commute. Leave a comment here or send us an email at!


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