Reaching Out to Kibera

For over 15 years The Environmental Youth Alliance (EYA) has been dedicated to improving the health of our environment, planet, and its people. With numerous projects ranging from Winds of Change – a project focused on protecting our urban forests – to Build a Better World – a joint project with the Centre for Human Settlements (CHS) helping youth in Brazil – the EYA has helped make drastic changes both communally and globally.

Recently, one of their projects has been tackling the overwhelming garbage issue in Kibera, the largest and filthiest slum in Africa. With children living and playing in all sorts of garbage, including animal waste, the EYA decided it was time to make a difference. Finding a brilliant solution to this critical issue, the Kibera Calendar Project designed a waste management system for the people of Kibera. With the help of Kibera residents and international volunteers, a waste transfer station was constructed in just 16 days! A self-sustaining system, the project is inexpensive (the total cost equaling less than $4500 including labour, training, and materials) and has drastically improved the lives of people in Kibera.

An inspiration, there are now over 30 groups looking to do the same in their own communities. Check out A World of Difference, CBC’s video coverage of the story, and be sure to read more about The Kibera Calendar Project to see what you can do to help!


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